Cleaning Services Done the Right Way!


We're NOT Just Another Company Offering Cleaning Services…

We're Providing Cleaning Solutions!

Why is Amelia the Best Choice in Cleaning??

Our Vetted Professional Cleaners go through Extensive Training in Proper use of Equipment, Cleaning Techniques, Safety & Customer Assurance.

We Continually Invest in Advanced Cleaning Technology, Adhere to Provide the Highest Quality of Service, Utilize Green/Eco-Friendly Products, Will Develop an Individualized Schedule that’s Tailored to Your Facility’s Needs & Will Maintain Superior Levels of Customer Service…

No Matter How Big or Small a Job…

We have the Perfect Cleaners for Your Business!

Why We Are Different ?



All our Janitorial Equipment & Professional Cleaning Solutions are CDC Approved, Ecologically Friendly & Safe to use.


We deliver Excellent Cleaning Services at Affordable Prices! We want Our Customers to be Complete-ly Satisfied with our Work!