Window Cleaning

From small office building to large commercial buildings we provide efficient window cleaning for your priceless views, Amelia Building Maintenance, Inc. is fully insured and licensed for window cleaning service with our goal to provide the safest and most professional window cleaning service.

Windows should be washed four times (quarterly) a year, while screens need only to be cleaned annually. For many buildings, window cleaning usually is a once-a-year chore. However, window washing frequency will depend a lot on your building’s location. Regular window cleaning is very important because it helps to remove contaminants and pollutants that have stuck on the glass and have prevented natural light from penetrating inside. … Dirt, dust and grime usually tend to settle on windows over time if they are not regularly cleaned. The integrity of the glass may become weakened and more easily shattered, and the transparency can become clouded due to the effects of dirt remaining on your windows. Because glass is porous, (not everyone is aware of this), dirt and microorganisms can build up inside the pores, reducing the strength of your windows.

Windows do so much more than just keep out elements, and we know that it takes much more than just a bucket of soapy water to make your building look its best, a clean window is one of the first things that your clients notice, and naturally lighting provides inexpensive and limitless source of lighting, the only thing that you need to enjoy it is a properly cleaned window. Being in an office during 8 hours of your awake hours and having a beautiful spotless view will help you enjoy all the benefits natural light/views has to offer while saving money at the same time. 

Amelia provides Commercial Window Cleaning Services which include exterior and interior cleaning, washing screens, vacuuming and wiping tracks, sills and exterior frames. Using professional grade tools and techniques that leave your glass clean and residue free. Instead of taking time from your busy schedule wiping away dirty windows, Call Amelia and have one of our Professional Experts take care of the dirty work for you, call today for a free quote.


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