Pressure Washing

When to Pressure Wash Your Commercial Business Property

The exterior of your property is under constant stress. The weather, the environment, and traffic can all stain or discolor your property’s siding, concrete surfaces, sidewalks, driveways, and outdoor patios. In summer and spring, for example, pollen and dust stick to your property’s exterior and windows, and the high heat of summer can “bake in” this dirt and grime. This happens throughout the year, and over time, the build-up of filth can stain or discolor your property. In other words, pressure washing should be included in your maintenance plan throughout the year. But specifically, there are a few key times when you might consider it:

  • Seasonally – Each season poses its own exterior cleaning challenges. In winter, salt and sand used for melting snow can corrode surfaces. Pollen and dust in the spring and summer cause discoloration and staining. And fall leaves and debris can coat exterior surfaces. That’s why seasonal pressure washing is recommended seasonally. Quarterly cleanings can help prevent build-up and keep your building looking great year-round.
  • After Storms – Minnesota’s storms can cause a number of cleaning issues. Leaves and debris may fall on surfaces, and heavy rains may cause dirt build-out on sidewalks and siding, for example. Having pressure washing done after significant storms can help you protect your property’s exterior.
  • After Spills – Some commercial property’s work with heavy machinery or chemicals. Oil, for example, creates tough stains, and if left for long periods of time, it can seep deep into concrete surfaces. Pressure washing after a spill can prevent spills from setting in.
  • After Outdoor Events – Have you recently hosted a large gathering at your property? Well, it might be time for pressure washing service. After an event, pressure washing can prevent stains from setting in, remove debris, and clean up dirt and grime brought in by the extra foot traffic.
  • Other Considerations – Some properties require more regular pressure washing. Industrial facilities for example tend to require additional pressure washing, especially those with machinery that create a lot of dust or smoke. New construction projects may require pressure washing after construction has been completed. And for sale properties, may also need pressure washing to improve curb appeal.


Reason for Power Cleaning a Commercial Business

Beyond seasonal cleanings, there are many other special circumstances that require pressure washing. They include:

  • Preventative Maintenance – Following wet, humid conditions, mildew and moss can collect on building exteriors. Commercial pressure washing helps prevent algae, bird dropping and mold from creating long-term damage.
  • Graffiti Removal – Pressure washing, in most cases, can remove graffiti, and it’s often safer than using toxic chemicals.
  • Boosting Curb Appeal – Looking to sell your property? Or maybe you’ve recently moved in? Pressure washing can help brighten your property’s façade and sidewalks, and make your building look more inviting for customers.
  • Remove Growth – Moss and mildew are unsightly, and they can cause stains and discoloration. Pressure washing instantly cuts through mold and restores the exterior.

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