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What is Provided with Office Cleaning Services

Sep, 09 2020
What Amelia provides with Regular Janitorial Office Cleaning Services:
Depending on certain factors such as the size of the office building and working schedules, you may decide to clean the office daily or maintain a weekly cleaning schedule. Certain cleaning procedures can be done on a monthly basis or even on a semi-annual basis.

Office Cleaning provide office cleaning services in the following areas:

  • Reception areas
  • Conference rooms/work areas
  • Break rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Restrooms
Daily & Weekly Cleaning
  • Pick up debris or paper and throw them in the waste bucket. Make sure not to throw away any important document of files.
  • Empty trashcans and clean them. Replace liners of trashcans with clean new ones. Take trash to Designated area or Dumpster.
  • Vacuum the floor, carpets, and mats around office cubicles to get rid of dust or dirt that cannot be removed by hand.
  • Dust and Wipe office furniture such as Filing cabinets, Desks, Shelves, Cubicles, etc. with a Microfiber Cloth that has been sprayed with a disinfectant solution.
  • Clean smudges and fingerprints from Interior glass on Partitions, Doors, Mirrors, Windows, etc.
  • Clean furniture of the reception/lobby area, Conference rooms, etc. Polish the surfaces of wooden furniture like tables, desks, chairs, etc. using furniture polish and Glass top furniture use glass cleaners to restore their shine.
  • Disinfect restrooms by scrubbing toilet bowls and urinals with a toilet brush and disinfecting cleaners. Wipe the seat after cleaning. Clean and Sanitize the counter areas, Sinks, Showers, any Tile walls or Partitions, Dispensers, etc. Sweep and mop the restroom floor tiles
  • Clean and Sanitize the Kitchen. Clean the inside and outside of the microwave, Dust and clean exterior of Refrigerator, Vending, Coffee Makers, etc.
  • Clean hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, and other wall-mounted objects.
  • Wipe accessories and electronics such as telephones, computers, monitors and keyboards, Door knobs, Light switches, etc. with a microfiber cloth after spraying it with water or disinfectant spray. You can also use germicidal disinfectant wipes.
  • Dust door jambs and Windowsills, Vents, any Ledges, Corners of Walls, Blinds, etc.
  • Vacuum any Fabric Furniture and Damp Wipe any Leather/Vinyl Furniture.
Note: These are just guidelines and you can modify the cleaning schedule according to your preferences. If you don’t see an office cleaning service you are looking for, feel free to contact us and ask for it! We strive to fit all of the Office Cleaning needs of our clients. 


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