What ULV-Electrostatic Fogging Has to Offer

Maintaining the Health and Safety of your employees and customers during the time of COVID-19 is an ongoing challenge for many businesses. Shared Work spaces & Common areas present opportunities for disease transmission where standard janitorial services may not be enough. High–Touch Points & High–Traffic Areas, are areas walked and/or used by numerous people throughout the day. This frequent contact provides transmission opportunities for the virus, which may be mitigated with additional attention to disinfection.
Your company may need disinfection services for door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, keypads, railings, copiers, microwave ovens, refrigerator doors, water coolers and more. We provide Deep-Cleanings and ULV-Electrostatic Disinfection Fogging to help with making your facility safe. It not only helps with preventing the spread of Germs, COVID, and other Viruses, but it also has Mold preventatives, and last longer than the regular day to day Cleaning/Sanitizing Solutions.
The Following are just some of the Health & Safety perks of using the ULV-Electrostatic Disinfection Fogging Service We provide:
  • The ULV-Electrostatic Fogger will release Electrostatic spray, that is electrically charged with Sanitizers, Mold Preventatives and Disinfectants, that Wrap around and Sanitize Any Hard-to-Reach & Heavily used Areas, types of Crevices/Surfaces, Electronics/Equipment, Furniture, etc.
  • Electrostatic cleaning kills germs, bacteria, and viruses from surfaces and lasts for a while. However, some facilities that see Higher Traffic of Use, such as Hospitals, Schools, Offices & Warehouses, will Benefit more from Continued/Regular use of Electrostatic Disinfection.
  • Electrostatic Disinfection Fogger & the cleaning sprays used are Extremely Safe for Tool Operators, People present During Cleaning, and People Occupying the Space After Cleaning.
  • Electrostatic Disinfectants begin to work Immediately when sprayed & the Surfaces should Remain Wet with applied Solutions for at least 2 Minutes to allow the Appropriate Dwell Time.
  • Protects companies against costly Financial Burdens associated with Contagious Healthcare Infections & Reduces Costs associated with Purchasing several Sanitizing/ Chemical Solutions.
  • Aids Infection Control & Helps Prevent the spread of Viruses like Influenza, Corona-virus, MRSA, and HIV, Salmonella, and Many More.
  • Reduces time it takes to disinfect by 50% & Applies Chemicals in a controlled Manner, Reducing Waste & Eliminating the Danger of Overuse.



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