Benefits of Outsourcing Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Janitorial Services are Extremely Crucial in maintaining Cleanliness, Health and Safety in Your Workplace. Though the Cleaning Services provided are not related to the Core Business, they play a significant role in Facilitating your Workforce tasks. It takes a lot of effort and time for your Company’s Management to keep up with the Cleanliness and Facilitation of Giving out the tasks of cleaning to its workforce, and this can take away from the Complete Antiseptic, Healthy, Focused and Thorough Cleaning your Facility Needs each time. However, when the Cleaning Responsibilities are bestowed to an Outside Cleaning Company’s hands, like our Professionals at Amelia Building Maintenance, they have the Resources, Equipment, Cleaning Solutions and Time to provide your Facility with a Clean, Safe and Healthy Working Environment at the Highest Possible Level.
What Our Commercial Cleaners have to Offer:

Our Cleaning Professionals with Amelia Building Maintenance can provide your Facility/Building with all types of Cleaning Services/Tasks, such as: General Janitorial Sanitizing/Cleaning, ULV-Electrostatic Disinfection Fogging, Day Porters, Window Cleaning, Hard Surface Floor Care, Carpet Cleaning/Steaming, Pressure Washing and Outdoors Cleaning & Maintenance, and Much more. We provide any/all kinds of Scheduling, such as: Daily, Weekends, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly etc., so that we can provide your Facility with the Highest Quality of Clean Possible. We can have our Cleaners there Early Morning, Afternoon, Weekdays or Weekends, even if your Staff or Consumers are present, our Cleaning Solutions are Safe to use, and do not cause any Harmful Smells/Chemicals to be inhaled. We also provide After-hours Services, so Not to Disturb Production, the Workplace, Customers, Visitors, etc. and that allows our Cleaners time for a more Focused and Thorough Cleaning with less traffic or disturbing Production in the Work Facility.

We will help You in Maintaining a Hygienic, Safe and Clean Environment:

We at Amelia Building Maintenance, have our Cleaning Professionals undergo Extensive Training covering Techniques in Commercial Cleaning, Proper Use of Janitorial Equipment, Safety & Customer Service. This Provides Our Professionals with the Knowledge and Expertise, that can be of Tremendous help, as they are aware of Cleaning Solutions that are CDC-Approved, use High Quality Equipment and have a Wellness-Focused Process that ensures you a Facility that is beyond just Neat/Nice looking, but it will be a Clean, Safe, and Sanitary Environment as well. Our Cleaning and Sanitizing Measures will help Protect Your Company against costly Financial Burdens associated with Contagious Healthcare Infections. We offer ULV-Electrostatic Disinfection Fogging’s that Aids Infection Control & Helps Prevent the spread of Viruses like COVID-19, Influenza, Corona-virus, HIV, Salmonella, and Many More. Along with providing healthy surroundings, our Professional Cleaners also take up the beautification functions of the facility, such as: Indoor and Outdoor Window Cleaning, Hard Floor/Carpet Cleaning, and Outdoor maintenance. That includes, Cleaning/Tidy-up Entrance/Exit ways of Trash and Debris and Pressure Washing Building, Parking lot areas, Patios etc. and create an appealing Appearance, and will assist with Enhancing the odds of improving the Business Prospects of your Company. A clean, Clutter-free, Sterile Building creates a positive impression on Clients, Occupants, Visitors, Patients, Customers, etc.

Normal Inspections and Quality Control:

Inspection of your Premises will be done Regularly to make sure you’re receiving the Highest Professional Cleaning Level possible. Our Owner and Quality Control Specialists will regularly check your Facility and be in Contact with you to address any issues, to make any changes, if necessary and to confirm that our Cleaners are  Some Facilities such as Warehouses, Hospitals, Schools, Medical/Dental Practices, etc., involve heavier and higher traffic of individuals, requiring more than Regular Maintenance, since it is highly impossible to halt the premises from becoming dirty. Although for privacy reasons some clients will not allow walk throughs of the Facility, so we will provide Customer Communication Logs, that will inform us on how our Cleaning Professionals are doing, and make sure we are meeting your Needs.

Cost Effective:

Outsourcing Your Cleaning Tasks/Needs provides an inexpensive costly fix to your burden of having to hire staff to take these tasks up. It will Relieve you of your facility’s cleaning tasks and can even evade you from long-term, monthly salaries, paid leaves, by hiring additional Cleaning Resources. Since a janitorial service provider’s main business is to maintain cleanliness of their commercial buildings (schools, offices, retail outlets, warehouses, production industries, etc.), one can expect excellent service. This is extremely crucial because accidents do happen and if something were to go wrong, you wouldn’t need to waste your time going to court over staff injured on the job, while completing these additional Cleaning tasks, as we are Bonded, have Insurance Coverage and Liability for our Cleaning Professionals. We do have short to long-term contracts, as we allow you to find what is best for your facility. Our prices are affordable and we are happy to work with you, we can provide monthly contracts to yearly contracts.


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